Branded Background Image

NY Drawing Booth Background-Final_9-2-15Great for corporate events and event sponsors, we can customize your background to include your logo in the drawings. Logos and branding requests must be submitted a least two weeks before the event. Your portrait can be any color on any background. Keep it simple with elegant black on white, or mix things up with a themed background customized for your event. View background and branding samples.


Printing is processed using a portable 4×6” printer. Includes 1 additional staff.

Live Projection

Watch our artists drawing live on your big screen! We bring the wireless connectors and you let us know what AV setup is available in your space. If your space requires that we bring our own projection please contact us to make arrangements.
NY Drawing Booth Live Projection

Additional Drawings

Don’t just photograph your event. Have an artist draw it as it is happening! Ceremonies, performances, and the event scene can all be captured as a keepsake. The subject is up to you! More Samples here.

Mobile Printing

NY Drawing Booth - Mobile printing belts
* Please note that mobile printing, while saving guests from having to go find and pick up their print, requires extra steps for the artists and less time for drawing guests.

Videos of Drawings

See the artist’s process with digital video clips of your drawings made from start to finish!