Portrait Sketch Artist

NY Drawing Booth is seeking exceptional artists to provide sophisticated hand-drawn portraits on an iPad for private and corporate events. Artists must be reliable, comfortable working with a crowd, and able to drawing people in as little 90 seconds (and up to 3 minutes).

The job of the artist is not only to capture the portrait, but to engage with attendees, and handle the technology and procedures that make NYDB stand out. These include sending completed drawings to print and to the clients in a matter of seconds.

If you are confident about your live portraiture and ability to work a crowd, apply today!

Artists are compensated on a per event basis at competitive rates.


  • Must be able to draw a sophisticated 2 minute likeness on an iPad with a pressure sensitive stylus.
  • Must be comfortable using and learning technology in a fast-paced environment
  • Must be able to be comfortable mingling in a crowd, chit-chatting with attendees as needed, and pleasing with a portrait.
  • Must be reliable. Arrive at events at designated time and work at top speed for the entirety of the event.
  • Must dress appropriate to the events.

Artist Application

Required Field