Lead Office Administrator

About us:

NY Drawing Booth is an exciting new event entertainment service providing artists live-drawings guests on iPads! Our artists draw your mug in just a couple of minutes and mingle while they do it! No waiting in line, and lots of add-ons like on-site printing and live projection. Fun event entertainment and give-away in one package!

The event industry LOVES US and we are growing REALLY FAST. Now we have our sites on a kick-ass FULL TIME office administrator who can handle everything our PT administrator and CEO currently manage.

If you want to be a part of a company that is made up of fun creative people who are always finding adventurous ways to innovate, while have the opportunity to work for some of the biggest companies out there working their events, this job may be for you! The main thing here is to be a detail oriented freak who enjoys building relationships with clients and staff while also bringing in vital business experience to help take our amazing momentum and turn it into dollar signs for everyone!


Provide clerical and administrative duties as lead office administrator including (but not limited to) pre and post event communication, negotiation, and financial duties with clients and staff.

Involved with the coordination and implementation of office procedures and frequently have responsibility for specific projects and tasks.

Work involves both written and oral communication, word processing and typing, and requires relevant skills such as IT, organizational and presentation skills, financial bookkeeping, as well as the ability to multi-task and work well under pressure.

Specific Description and requirements:

Top priority: Answer emails/ email correspondence.
+ Need excellent communication skills, written and verbal
+ Ability to “feel out” and respond different clients based on their style of communication

Top priority: Must be highly organized / High level organizational skills required
+ Tech savvy
+ Can work through user friendly applications and software independently

Frequent tasks:
+ Creating quotes specific to each event
+ Creating agreements/contacts based on a template and existing guidelines
+ Financial bookkeeping with using user-friendly systems (business experience a major plus)
+ Make travel arrangements (travel booking experience a plus)
+ Basic graphic design (Photoshop, typographic experience a plus)

– Quick learner
– Knows how to use or has experience with: excel, email interface, office software, Quickbooks Online, various app interfaces
– College (Bachelors) required with Master’s or impressive experience.
– Savvy communication skills
– Quick typing skills
– Quick data entry ability
– Ability to multi-task
– AMAZING with follow-through

Compensation is based on experience and value provided to company.

Contact CEO Elke Sudin and let her know why you are ABSOLUTELY perfect for this position in your work experience, your interests, and where you want to take us in the coming year. E-mail bookings@nydrawingbooth.com with “Admin Application” in the subject line.