On-Site Captain

(Also known as Tech/Technician)

The On-site Captain is our staff member managing the printing station at events, making sure the artists’ technical needs are taken care of, as well as light event management responsibilities. The On-site Captain is responsible for the equipment they use for printing at the events, which fit in a carry-on brief-case.


Our technicians make sure all technical aspects of the event are taken care of. Including:

  • Set up our printer at events.
  • Make sure each print comes out the way it is supposed to.
  • Change inks and paper as needed.
  • Perform live-posting responsibilities.
  • Troubleshoot technical difficulties with alternative solutions.
  • Be capable of providing work-around solutions in worst-case scenarios.
  • Assist the artists with connecting to the Wifi
  • Be the friendly face of our company.
  • Answer questions by guests.

On-site Captains are compensated at competitive rates. Inquire within.

To apply, email your answers from the outline below to: bookings@nydrawingbooth.com

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