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How does it work?

Drawing Booth arrives at your event ready to bring surprise and a unique artistic edge in any setting. Portraits are created with the artist(s) mingling in the crowd. Once the artist begins the sketch, it attracts the interest of guests who come to see what is going on.

How long does a sketch take?

Our highly skilled team can sketch a portrait in just a couple of minutes. Not everyone is an easy subject so keep in mind that guest participation, dim room lighting and other factors can result in more time per portrait. Extensive detail or the addition of color can result in longer sketches as well and should be noted beforehand if this is something you would like to make time for for each guest.

Are these caricatures?

Our style is realistic and minimal, allowing the white of the paper or image to be a strong part of the image. Our style is authentic to the inspiration of the artist and the energy the crowd brings them.

What are the advantages of digital portraits?

Digital artworks are quick and hassle free. There is nothing to carry around and you get to be on the latest trends in digital artmaking with a hand-drawn style.

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