Wedding Packages

Impress your friends with a sophisticated and personalized drawing booth!


4V8A1496Classic Wedding Package:

  • 1-3 Artists, mingling in the crowd
  • Full-color background (Samples here)
  • Event information on image
  • Web-gallery of drawings
  • On-site printing
  • + Live-drawing of the ceremony
  • + Wedding Book: Hardbound printed book of all your drawings (Sample Here)

Go completely digital with our Basic Package:

  • 1 Artist, mingling in the crowd
  • Drawings emailed on site
  • Full-color background with event information on image
  • Web-gallery of drawings



“NY Drawing Booth was the biggest hit at the wedding! Guests enjoyed seeing themselves and their loved ones come to life on paper. They were thrilled to be able to take a work of art home.” – Mary Bradley– Event planner

“The portraits were a hit with my guests. Thank you and your team for the great work!” – Shing Y.– Groom


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